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[ Lost in Times Square ]

"Carefree, walking undirected with no direction."

The refreshing scent releases a burst of appealing grapefruit, fading out to a milder jasmine note. Paired with sandalwood in the background radiating an airy uplifting good vibe.

// Gleaming of confidence, the sensual depth of soothing note reveals its unique individuality.

[ Immersed in Central Park ]

"Turning a blind eye to the skyscrapers in the distance."

Bright and zesty citrus blend combined with the fresh and comforting notes of dried grass for a sophisticated twist on a refreshingly clean combination. The lingering fragrance of pinewood reverberates a playful note.

// Light and citrusy in nature, perfectly capture the redolence of enchanted woods.

[ Hypnotized in Manhattan ]

"Reflections of blurry street lights flirtatiously dance on your skin."

Lime and ginger command attention with aromatic foreplay setting the first impressions.

While retaining some of the top notes' aroma, iris's earthy and velvety nuances create a

confident expression of pure luxury with an opulent finish of sandalwood.

// Mesmerizing expression of pure earthy and velvety scent.

(Embodiment of no gender binaries.)

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